H&M Collaborations and Mayhem

by ohmygodamazing

Margeila’s H&M collaboration is exactly what a fan would want from Margeila.  This is an up close look: MargeilaXH&M.  I’m really impressed with the breadth of the product line, plus, there are so many covetable pieces within it. Which kinda makes me sad.  I never took part in the Hunger Game that is H&M designer collaboration debut shopping.  I hear the stories- the late night queuing, the tickets, the item limits.  And once you get in the store, either the frantic elation of snagging the piece you were dying for while narrowly avoiding a queen’s elbow in your eye or the stinging realization that nothing you came for is there anymore.  Then, there’s what goes down on Ebay.  With it’s jacked up prices, forgoing the actual line for a virtual one diminishes the shininess of the bargain.  However,  for those who were able to buy a bit of the dream, there is that smug joy in seeing what you just bought going for multiples of what you just spent. You think “I cannot believe what they are trying to sell this for and I got it for nothing!” Nothing? Really? What you saved in dollars you paid in sweat (or should I say sore feet) equity. For me? Ummm…..nahhhh.

Though I have felt a tad regretful and envious of those who have, say, a Lanvin dress that I swear looks just like a Lanvin dress but is H&M,  I still have no regrets. Besides the left over /picked over pieces that may remain,  my only hope is that the H&M in Riverhead will get some of the collection and that the locals just won’t get Margeila…..so I will!  That is how I got my McQueen for Target trench coat for $20. The South Setauket Greatland Target- hell yeah! How’s that for envy?!  So, until I trek out to a far off H&M searching for disregarded discount genius, I am going to have to embrace the pair of suede ankle boots passed on to me by my GramE. They have a Margeila- esque clear wedge heel though they predate Margeila (1980’s Timothy Hitsman). Unfortunately, one of the signature heels snapped off.  I am currently testing my luck with Liquid Nails.  DIY ingenuity, far off quests and cutthroat shopping- what we go through for a little amazingness……