Treasured Trash

by ohmygodamazing

Thank goodness most people do not have the attention span to rifle through 20 racks of clothing.  You need to have that certain stamina, that sick drive, that dogged curiosity. It is how we got a man on the moon, how we found the Higgs boson and how we cured Polio. It is also how I came across one of my most amazing finds ever.

Beacon’s Closet is my go to place for hidden treasure.  I hit the main one in Williamsburg because it is the only location that does rentals. And that is what I was there for one lucky day. I also wanted a new coat and was casually keeping my eyes open for one in my travels.  So on any other day, I might have hastily flicked past this red coat. But not this time.  I was drawn to the color, the lines, the shape.  Plus, it looks similar to this Jil Sander coat that I love.   So I grabbed it and casually glanced at the tag near the neck. It didn’t have a designer name just “Made in Italy” so I just assumed it was straight up anonymous vintage.  Being the label whore that I am, that detail may have caused the coat to be banished back to the rack but since I liked it just that much, I held onto it.  Plus, anonymous vintage is cool too.

In the fitting area where I finally had some space, I took the chance to really look at the coat.  I was starting to go nuts with curiosity from the ambiguity of it’s designer origins.  Thinking the label must be inside, I opened the coat with the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning and …….. Gianni Versace Couture– Gasp!  I immediately threw it on. The coat fit and looked perfect- Gasp again!  I inspected it more. Something had to be wrong. A stain? An irreparable tear? A smell? Could it be cursed? Nothing. Why would someone get rid of this coat?  Maybe some unemployed hipster with a heap of her mom’s old clothes and a lack of appreciation for vintage Versace was hard up for drinking money?  Who knows? What matters was that whoever deemed this coat trash, had left me a treasure.  So I made a heated beeline for the register, clutching the coat to my chest like I was smuggling sacred stones out of the Temple of Doom. They rung it up and the final surprise was the sweetest of all………..$26! Gasp!!!!! This time I had a little more difficulty catching my breath.