What’s amazing? Why amazing?

“Amazing” has it’s own connotations to me.  Amazing is more special, more unique,  more nuanced than just “wow that’s cool”.  It is a specific kind of “wow” that is more than just “cool”.  It is something that makes me stop and say….”that’s amazing”.  The exact meaning of this kind of amazing is hard to describe in words.   Images are much better at that. But…wait… I can’t use the images that I want unless I ask for permission? Uh! You know that’s not going to happen (both me sending an email every time I want to use an image and the unlikely instance that I will even get a response let alone a yes).  I am not being pessimistic, I am just being lazy.

The original plan for this blog was for me to post images of mostly fashion stuff that makes me stop and say “oh my God, that is amazing”.  As the content would be probably predominantly be from runway shows and images posted on other blogs, me reposting those images here is asking for trouble.  I am one scaredy-cat, goody-two-shoes, law abiding citizen that does not want to get sued. However, I am one scaredy-cat, goody-two-shoes, law abiding citizen who may not be able to resist posting a few images she shouldn’t but will gladly take down if asked.  That being said, I am going to do my best to feature my own original pics of amazingness and will have to give non illustrated commentary on things I cannot use images for.  Like my previous post about Dries Van Noten.  Not optimal but I will have to make due. You never know, something new, creative and interesting may result from this little constraint.